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Dispensary Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Dispensary Insurance.

Dispensary insurance is designed to protect your property and inventory, liability and loss of income in the event of a loss.

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Cultivation Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Cultivation Insurance.

Cultivation insurance is designed to protect your plants, equipment, liability and business income in the event of a loss.

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Manufacturing Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Manufacturing Insurance.

Insuring against your business for direct physical loss, professional liability and general liability to mitigate loss that you may incur.

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Building Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Building Insurance.

Have you had a building that you wanted to purchase and find out that the insurance company will not write liability or property insurance due to the grow operations?

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Armored Transport Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Armored Transport Insurance.

With the transportation of marijuana from grow to dispensary, there is a risk to all parties as the most valuable stage of the finished product is at risk to theft.

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Laboratory Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Laboratory Insurance.

With increased intervention on testing marijuana products, it is becoming increasingly more important to insure against liability and professional liability.

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Workers Compensation - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Workers Compensation.

Workers Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.

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Professional Liability Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Professional Liability Insurance.

If you are a trained professional and make a mistake with the end result being physical damage or bodily injury, you may have a professional liability claim.

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Customized Insurance - Cannabis Insurance Solutions

Customized Insurance.

As an insurance company, there are many times new ideas for insurance are proposed. We are flexible to insuring every aspect of the Cannabis industry.

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The cannabis industry is quickly evolving and manufacturing marijuana is moving at a quick pace. Insuring your business for direct physical loss, professional liability and general liability is going to mitigate any loss that you may incur.

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The mission of Cannabis Insurance Solutions LLC is to provide security and protection for qualified marijuana businesses. We will accomplish this in an expanding, diversified market throughout the US. Quality products, superior service, quality control, education and accountability is our primary goal. We will maintain high standards of excellence by continuing to educate and train our personnel in an expanding Cannabis Industry.

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